Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's dark out and I'm up

One more day off, then, back to the grind. I've kept a journal on disk that I'm going to add chunks from today. So, all -5 of you sit back, get some coffee, and read up on the goings-on. Hopefully some of it will have to do with actual writing (although reading scripts and watching movies counts as essential homework).

I kept this journal over the summer.

July 9, 2008. I blog therefore I am!

Last night I watched “Pretty In Pink” (1986 here I am wishing I had a fact checker) for the first time. I’d seen pieces of it on television dozens of times. Years ago when it first came out I was too cool, or un-cool, whatever, to see it. Jet lag was keeping me up, and the peelings from a healing sunburn were satisfying my hunger (okay, I’m kidding about that), so while I was awake I thought that I might as well watch a modern-day classic.

As an amateur screenwriter, I try to learn as much as I can from everything. People, work, suffering, boredom. Movies that I thought twenty odd years ago were going to be a waste of my pittance of an allowance can be just as useful in learning something about storytelling as something that someone else told me in a magazine that I MUST see to learn about the “craft”. I actually hate the word craft. Even worse than “craft” is “honing my craft”. Back to the movie and back to why I’m writing this journal/blog.

I loved “Pretty in Pink”. I thought it was cool to see the birth of a phenomenon that started when I was in high school (the Brat Pack craze). Although I think that The Breakfast Club came first. I think it’s interesting to probe why certain things are appealing to people and make a film wildly successful. Why are high concept art films (see THX1138 by George Lucas) not successful? They are just as entertaining and interesting, so why didn’t that film make George into a megastar? Further, why do so many people shun the “fluff” (such as a Brat Pack film which)? Entertainment is entertainment and it just comes down to taste.

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