Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why I'm Here

I'm an amateur screenwriter trying to find an outlet. To me, writing a journal is a little bit like a documentary of everyday life in writing. So, why not document the development of my screenwriting in a scriptumentary? Maybe it will keep me motivated to write every day. If I make myself look bad enough, maybe it will motivate me enough to keep going!

So, September 6, 2008.... What to write?! Well, today I'm so excited because I just left the stone age of ISPs and FINALLY got hooked up with wireless! I'm gassed!

I'm currently working on a screenplay with a friend of mine, it's the product of about three years of on-and-off work. Essentially we glued together a bunch of unrelated scenes and made them into a story. Draft one was pretty rough. Draft two was much better. All the while we got lot of great feedback from American Zoetrope members ( I totally recommend that site; peer review is amazingly helpful. It's also great, I'm sure, for networking. Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) used that website for that particular script. My friend and I are now polishing up draft number three.

SO why has this thing taken three years? I blame a lack of outlining actually. We didn't know where it was going. The end result was that it was fun, but, that it was too loose and unstructured. It has improved a lot though. We've hit a lot of milestones as the drafts have progressed.

See you soon.

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