Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jaws, etc.

October 3, 2008 Jaws, a script with real storyteller’s teeth!

It’s Friday, time for family. I expect a lot of traffic. Thankfully it isn’t raining though, because that always adds forty odd minutes to my drive time.

It will be a busy weekend, but next weekend is my screenwriting seminar. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. If it goes well I’ll link to the instructor’s website. Oh damn, I forgot to get business cards for the seminar. I guess I'll be more prepared when I go to another one.

I joined yesterday. I’ve heard of some people being noticed from that site, one of whom I know from I’d drop names, but I don’t have permission to, so I shan’t.

David Trottier kindly answered a technical question for me. He said, basically, describe what you see in a scene and don’t describe anything you can’t. I respectfully argued though that the Evil Dead script has a scene description of the cabin that mentions rooms, etc., that aren’t even shown in the scene. I suppose since it was written by the person who ended up directing it that it didn’t make much of a difference; i.e., what director would reject something that they wrote themself?

The script that I’ve most recently read that I really loved and would like to ramble on a bit about is Jaws. What I most liked about it was the three protagonists.

First we have Brody, the guy who is afraid of water. The guy, being the “weakest” in terms of personality traits. We expect that this fish-out-of-water, who literally goes to the water to kill a fish, will be the one who does it. He’s the cop, so we expect him to be the hero. Enter, however, a couple of other people. Hooper, the hot shot scientist (or student). He’s an expert and we figure that he’ll at least influence some of the decisions. However, here’s the gem that I love. Quinn! We hate Quinn because he doesn’t seem to like anyone. He's a recluse. A rebel. We warm up to him a little bit when he’s getting drunk with Hooper. What gets us in the end though is that it is his very recklessness that saves the day. Everyone but him is about to give up when he smashes the radio. If it wasn’t for him doing this, they would have been probably picked up by the coast guard after he gets killed. So, you might argue that Quinn is the real hero of this film. All Brody does is throw some tanks at the shark, inspired by an almost throw-away comment by Hooper. Almost anyway, it was foreshadowing of course. Clever foreshadowing at that.

September 29, 2008

Monday. Yicko! The weekend weather, well, I can’t describe how disappointing it was. A little like the Great Flood but without the gopher wood. Which reminds me, I have to re-watch Evan Almighty! Great movie.

Two more weeks until my screenwriting seminar. I don’t know what to expect, because it will only be a morning session. I’ve also never heard of this teacher and did quite a few Google searches. I hope to get a sixty-dollar bagel and coffee and a notebook full of notes. Every perspective helps, so I hope to also get some good ideas from it. Before I go I’ll try to think of some questions to ask. I also plan to get some business cards just for networking. I am excited though; for the first time I’ll be in a room physically with a bunch of people who have the same interest as I do. It makes me want to start a screenwriting group. I’ve thought about it before, so who knows?

September 25, 2008

Parkway traffic wasn’t bad today.

Networking is going well; I added a few people to my professional network for writing in the last few days.

I also posted for my Zoetrope private office to check out my blogspot. Yo guys!

I made a pdf of my script for my writing partner Steve to look at. I use cutepdf (google it but I think it’s or something like that). It’s freeware. You have to watch because sometimes it makes only one page. I should’ve looked at it first, because this was one of the “sometimes” situations. Otherwise though it’s pretty good software. Actually, the software that I normally write with is Movie Magic. Occasionally I use Celtx, which is also freeware. I really like it! I believe. They have online video tutorials.

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