Friday, November 28, 2008

I Read the News Today, oh Boy.

Wow. Chaos everywhere. We don't even have to look at India where hundreds of people were killed in Mumbai by terrorists who are motivated by hate to see a ridiculous waste of human life. We need only go to a Walmart on Long Island during a Black Friday sale. People were trying to save a few bucks. They were so enthused by this that this didn't recognize the fact that they were trampling some poor person to death. And, to think that many of those same people were so selfish that they still wanted to shop there after they decided to close the store. It just makes me sick.

Haven't written much lately. I have picked away at a holiday-oriented script over the last couple of days. I have been working on it on and off for about a year. A sentence here, a slugline and bit of dialogue there. Interestingly enough, today's news (about what happened at the Walmart) sort of inspired a direction that I want to take it. Before the script was just goofy but had no "reason" to exist, but now it sort of does. But now the goofiness is just the hook. It's going to be about how we're sort of numb to the people and events around us, and about how even special things, like holidays, have started to lose their meaning. It's about how to keep a fresh perspective on life when it can be very depressing and devestating sometimes.

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