Saturday, March 24, 2012

It has been a long time

It has been a long time since I've visited you on my blog. In the past several months I promised
Bob Sinnott a fellow peer reviewer from American Zoetrope to mention his fantastic slasher film Grade Point Dead. Look forward to it on the Internet. In fact, look for it in a theater near you some day. I believe this guy is quite talented. Bob has also written a book called THE EX AND THE WHY. Here is the Amazon link for it.

Since it is not 2012 and the last entry I made was in 2011, I'm going to make a short list of resolutions.

1. To write a LOT this year.

2. To watch a LOT of movies this year. There is a list of 200 movies on Julie Grey's site that I want actually try to watch. They're supposed to be a bunch of movies that are like the "duh you haven't seen North by Northwest?"

3, To do more peer review on Zoetrope and Zoetrope-like sites.

4. To forget about the fact that I don't live in Hollywood. Last time I checked there were movies made every day in other states. You only need to look to guys like Carl Dupre in Rhode Island who wrote Detroit Rock City (the movie), the Hellraiser series, and most recently, Inkubus, for inspiration. Visit his site and check out his films.

5. To work on my blog more.

All for now.

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