Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink Slime Day

You know, I joined an organic co-op last year and I'm glad I did. I've always been pretty health minded. Sure, I could down a pound of chips and wash it down with Coke, no problem. But pretty much when I eat a bag of chips, I know what I'm eating. Potatoes. Heck, they're natural. Maybe a pesticide or two (in trace form no doubt). But I'm eating potatoes, salt, and oil. When my kid, or yours I care about them too, goes to school and gets those cheeseburger sliders though? Yuck. Pink Slime. It makes me cringe. I do know that most of the hubub regarding Pink Slime is a social-media gone-viral phenomenon. But, when McDonalds rejects meat byproducts, but, the USDA "approves them" for school lunches (took a bribe maybe?), I have a huge problem with that. Essentially pink slime is a bunch of questionable meat that gets warmed up, ground up, and gets ammonia gas injected through it to sterilize it. Tell me, where is the bacteria coming from? The consumer isn't that stupid. I doubt the meat is coming from cattle rectum/viscera, although it could be. God knows it could be. But, it just might be coming from the floor of the "cutting room" where the animal is butchered. I love meat. I have a right to eat it. But, something that is going on my dinner plate should have no contact with E. coli, or, the manure it comes from. It might be "safe" to eat, but, if a strain of bacteria manages to slip by the deadly ammonia gas chambers of the meat industry, there might be more fallout than the baked-on crust on your meatloaf pan. It's kind of like over medicating people with antibiotics. It is quite possibly where the deadly strains of flesh eating E. coli came from. If the bacteria wasn't there to start with they wouldn't need to kill it. End of story.

So what can be done about this problem? Well, National Pink Slime Day of course! If everyone wore pink one day just think of the attention it would get. The water cooler conversations alone would get thousands of people on the same wavelength. I guess a pink pink slime t-shirt would be even better. And, when you order that steak, get it medium rare (aka pink) and get a pink lemonade. At the salad bar, get some ham too. It's pink.

I'll shut up now.

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